In this site I will try to offer information about IP Network Quality of Service (QoS) focusing problems from a practical point of view.

Some OSPF related notes

These notes are summaries I did about the OSPF theme, taken the information directly from the sources. All rights correspond to the author(s) of the papers and/or RFCs being summarized, that always, being as I am, highly respectful of the third party rights, I point out very clear who were the original author(s). Within the documents being summarized, I include some comments to try to improve the understanding when being necessary.

Leonardo Balliache

1.0 Introduction about OSPF
1.1 The Autonomous System
1.2.- External Routes
1.3.- Areas
1.4.- The LS-database
1.5.- IP subnetting support
1.6.- Stub Areas

2.0. OSPF on detail

2.1.- OSPF functional summary
2.2.- OSPF type of packets
2.3.- System support
2.4. Optional OSPF capabilities
2.5. OSPF Data Structures
2.6. The Area Data Structure
  2.7.- The Hello Protocol
  2.8.- The Designated (and Backup) Router
  2.9.- Graph of Adjacencies
  2.10.- OSPF Standard Header



1.0.- Q.OSPF - Overall Framework
2.0.- Simplifying assumptions
3.0.- Metrics
4.0.- Advertisement of Link State information
5.0.- Path Selection
6.0.- OSPF Protocol Extensions
  7.0.- A Reference Implementation using GateD

The OSPF Opaque LSA Option

1.0.- The Opaque LSA
2.0.- Other considerations

Traffic Engineering (TE) Extensions to OSPFv2

1.0.- LSA Format
2.0.- Some other considerations